Be one with Nature !

Be a Peasant for a day !

Live Green, Go Green !



Agricultural Tourism is a new phase of tourism where urbanities can break free from their concrete shackles and go back to their rural roots to rediscover the serene,  rustic life in the peaceful country side away from the buzz and din of the city.

At Rohini Krushi Paryatan Kendra, discover an opening to the country side, wake up to the dawn chorus, inhale your fill of pure country air, discover the serene pastures, see the sun rise on the peaceful and green existence. It takes us back to our culture of oneness with the environment..the Vedanta Principle of ‘Advait

Located in the cradle of the mighty Western Ghats,Rohini Krushi Paryatan Kendra is surrounded by the Sahyadris in all the directions! The bio diversity of Western Ghats in both the departments of Flora & Fauna are only exceeded by the act of experience itself.  The entire idea is to leave least possible carbon footprint while we are one with Mother Nature.

The rice,dal, vegetables, fruits which you will consume here are 100% organic products produced in the fields of Rohini Krushi. The degradable waste products remaining post cooking are divided and assimilated into the Vermiculture Fertilizer Production Plant.  The Swimming Pools here are actually storage ponds for the Drip Irrigation System and the water stored is non-chlorinated regular well water, filled in the morning and emptied in the evening!!

Enjoy the local Vasai Cuisine, under thatched roof dining halls. Learn something from our Guide’s Farm tour. Have a ride in bullock carts till the farm temple. Experience our Eco-Logical Nursery, buy plants for your kitchen garden!  We also have a production unit which produces Kairi Panha, Kokam Sarbat, Rose Syrup for guests.

With its panoramic surroundings and hospitable environs, Rohini Krushi Paryatan Kendra is an ideal place for moments of peace and solitude. Experience the beauty of the routine tasks that takes you to the very beginning of simple things that make our life harmonious. Come be a farmer for a day.

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Take a look at our traditional poultry where the birds are given the best treatment keeping them healthy all time.


Let your family try their hand at milking our cows so that the kids come to know that milk doesn’t always come in a bottle.

Pond Fishing

Cast the line and reel in a fine catch of the local fish which we would love to cook for you.

Growing community by inspiring healthy living

Enjoy the glow of good health.



Girish Sawant

Had a great time after a long time. This is surely a great place for weekend getaway. We all were amazed to see the service that we got. We were provided with some good knowledge about the nature. It is not the place just to enjoy but to learn a lot about nature. Good food, Good place, Good people. I give 4 out of 5 stars to this place.

Irfan Shaikh

I liked the place very much. The location is awesome and i would love to revisit again during monsoon. The food quality is awesome. I would recommend everyone to visit this place atleast once. This is a perfect place to meditate and get lost in the nature around.

Sushil Singh

It was great experience in Rohini form house.Every thinks were in proper was awesome i think people should visit and have fun with Rohini.

Anand Ghosh

A wonderful place to conduct workshops, close to nature and earth. It was an amazing experience for all of us to spend time and learn various aspects of agriculture,vermiculture, dairy culture etc. A worth experience and value for money.