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Farmers everywhere cannot rely solely on agriculture for their income. Thus, they supplement agriculture with related activities like animal husbandry, pond fishing, nursery plantation, etc. Farmers in the continents of North America, Europe and Australia started a new concept where they invite urban people and get them involved in farming activities. While doing so these urban people are served with clean rural accommodations and rural cuisine in exchange of certain monetary returns. This is a win-win project as the urbanites get the feel of village tranquility and the farmer gets money in return!

Facts of Agriculture

Rohini Krushi Paryatan Kendra, is based upon similar lines where you can see multiple facets of farming at one place.
• Traditional Farming.
• Nursery Plantation:Plants of certain flowers and particular ayurvedic importance have been planted here.
• Horticulture:Plantation of fruit plants which are a specialty of Konkan area.
• Apiculture:Honey bees are domesticated in artificial wooden boxes to acquire honey.
• Pisciculture:Fishes of certain variety are bred in a pond and fished for sale when they grow big enough.
• Vermiculture:Preparation of good quality natural fertilizers by using a certain variety of earthworms.
• Animal Husbandry:Cows, Bullocks, Poultry birds, ducks, etc. have been domesticated

Agricultural Products

Following are some of the products:
• Mango Syrup.
• Mango Squash.
• Mango Pickle:Spicy.
• Mango Muraamba:Sweet.
• Kairi Panha:syrup made from raw mangoes.
• Kairi Chhundaa:sweet pickle made from raw mangoes.
• Jambhul Sherbet:available in sugar free variant as well.
• Kokam Sherbet.
Rohini Krushi Paryatan Kendra,is thus a place to ensure tranquility, privacy and solitude and also get known to the life of rural Konkan, away from the buzz and din of the urbane culture.

Envrionmantal Protection

Rohini Krushi Paryatan Kendra, Vasai also offers a bird’s eye view into certain techniques of modern farming as well as environment protection and conservation.
• Contour bunding and terracing of fields:To avoid soil erosion.
• Bunding streams and building small dams to conserve water that is plenty in rainy season but scarce in summer.
• Use of organic fertilizers.


Rohini Krushi Paryatan Kendra, Vasai offers clean and tidy accommodations of various types,incl.:
• Bunglow
• Shacks
• Common Halls
• Cottages

Anamazing place for family get-togethers, engagements, anniversaries, birthdays, educational trips, school camps, science tours, etc.
At Rohini Krushi Paryatan Kendra, experience tranquility, privacy and solitude away from the buzz and din of the urbane culture.

*Please Note that alcohol and loud music is strictly prohibited